Stress Test Your Learning

Knowing that your learning is working is hard to check. That’s why Mapt offers 3 types of assessment to ensure that you know exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

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Assessments don’t need to be testing

We know that an endless list of multiple choice can become tedious. That’s why Mapt introduces a spectrum of different assessment methods to validate your learning and benchmark your skills.

1. Programming Tasks

Programming tasks ask you to apply your knowledge to solve real-world challenges. After the task you’ll get feedback on the accuracy and quality of your code.

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2. Code completion

Code Completion tests your ability to write accurate code. You are presented with a sample and your task is simple: complete missing bits of code.

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3. Multiple choice

Multiple Choice is the basic type of assessment. Reinforce your knowledge of key topics with questions from our experienced subject matter experts.

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Programming Tasks.

There’s just no substitute for writing code when you’re learning.

These assessments simulate real world conditions, and give you the closest proxy to production. You will be challenged to build projects and write code to solve problems in our simulated production environments, followed by a detailed code review. 

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80% of Mapt users said:

“Assessments are vital to reinforcing, testing, and practising my learning”

Code Completion.

We’ll let you fill in the                 .

Code Completion gets you start thinking in code, quickly. You will be faced with a code block, some missing code, and some instructions. Your task is to input the correct code. These exercises assess your ability to write accurately, recognize logic and calculate output, putting your Mapt learning to the test.

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Multiple Choice.

Fast. Reliable. Actionable.

Multiple Choice questions reinforce your learning by calling upon your ability to remember key programming concepts and techniques. They’re the basic mode of assessment and give you an immediate feel for your new skills.

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