Skill Plans keep you relevant.

Skill Plans are curated learning pathways that guide you to the most in-demand skills. Based on real-world job roles at leading tech companies, each Skill Plan guides you through the frameworks and knowledge you need to stay on top of your game.

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Save yourself time. Skill Plans get you to relevant content, quickly.

Stop wasting your time searching for new learning resources you may or may not need. 

Use our Skill Plans to go straight to the content that’s relevant to you. That way, you can stay up to date without the leg work. Without the strain of searching.

How do we know Skill Plans will keep you up to date? Because they’re all based on what’s happening across industries today. Based on real-world of job roles and a survey of 30,000 professional developers like you, they contain all the content you need on the tools and topics defining your field.

What are Skill Plans?

Skill Plans are made up of all the skills you need to learn a technology or topic. They are split in to small, manageable, units called Skill Cards.

Our editors link these Skills Cards with recommended eBooks & Videos from Packt’s library. These curated eBooks & videos are the best way to learn new skills on Mapt.

When you feel that you have learned a new skill you can tick it off as completed, or take one of our assessments. Then you can move on to the next Skill Card in your Skill Plan.

1. Skill Plan Title

The technology the Skill Plan is based on.

2. Skill Cards

The Skill Cards that form a Skill Plan.

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